Wondering why your business isn’t getting more traction online?
In today’s global online marketplace, the key to success is no longer just the viability of a business,
but the visibility of its brand.

To get the word out and attract prospective clients, online digital presence is everything.
And that is where Darano Consulting comes in.

We are a personal trainer for businesses in need of a digital workout.
Through a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing,
content marketing, email marketing, social media management and web design,
we help companies shed the dead weight, tone up and reach the top of their game.

Tailored to your business plan and targeted to reach only the most compatible of customers,
our digital solutions are measurable, practical and results-driven.

With packages available from budget to pro level, we have the tools you need for a major digital upgrade.


Search Engine Optimisation

It all begins with visibility. Our team will conduct a thorough SEO audit to find which areas of digital space you currently inhabit, and then provide insightful keyword optimisation services to help you expand into new territory. Our team of SEO experts can improve your Google rating and put you closer to the front of the queue in online search results, through a combination of title tags optimisation, Meta description and keywords, sitemap creation and submission, keywords density, ALT tags and anchor text optimisation. Darano’s team of specialists use complex Google analytics monitoring, combined with competitor backlinks analyses, business listings and infographic submission to assess where your digital USP currently stands and devise a pathway for those all-important next steps. Our digital upgrade services include daily health checks of backlinks and internal links, along with a monthly report, so you can watch your business grow in real time.

Search Engine Marketing

We can adjust your site content and architecture according to exhaustive keyword and demographic research, determining who your customers are, where they come from, why they visit and how they search. By building up a clearer picture of who your customers are, we can restructure your online presence to welcome them with seamless search and functionality. This involves connecting search console and analytics with Google Ads promotions, targeting your chosen demographic with promotions tailored to their search habits and the solutions you provide. We can devise up to three ad groups, with as many as two textual ads per ad group, then track your set-up conversions in Google Ads.  Basically, this means you will reach a higher quantity of prospective clients and customers, while the quality of their interaction with your content will also be improved. Progress will be tracked and displayed in a dedicated monthly report.

content marketing

Content Marketing

The information on your website does not just tell a story from its original platform; it provides avenues through which competitors and clients can join the discussion, building up a constellation of content sources with your site at its centre. To make sure you shine brightly, Darano conducts research into keywords, trends and content delivery services that are specific to your industry and target demographic. We develop intuitive customer personas based on data and info provided by our clients, and then couple this personal insight to the objective vision of a wider search, combining competitor analysis with broad industry insights. Based on this holistic approach, we provide content strategies incorporating topics, tone and structure that are tailored to your brand and its digital environment. We customise articles to complement your SEO credentials article, and ensure competitive presentation value with high-quality paid stock images. Darano will implement a bespoke calendar, reaching out to your clients with timely and insightful content that embodies your brand essence and raises it to a higher level.

Email Marketing

Bespoke email marketing lets you reach out to prospective clients and partners with timely and intuitive updates. Darano will facilitate this contact through innovative email direct marketing tools (Mailchimp, Salesforce, Sendinblue, etc), and create the content that will help get your message across. Through customized HTML email templates, which can be integrated with an email collection widget on your website, we ensure that your direct communications are smooth, professional and measurable. We build up an extensive database of email contacts for your communications, to ensure your client base is kept in regular contact. Email blasts can be formulated and published on a weekly or monthly basis, with quantitative and qualitative tracking of user interactions provided.

email marketing
social media management

Social Media Management

In the online conversation, social media is your mouthpiece. Through a range of technical solutions and creative content, we can help make sure your message comes through loud and clear across a range of platforms.

Darano can help set up your business pages in a full suite of social media platforms, and then populate these sites with content and copywriting tailored to your brand with a distinctive and compelling voice.

Our team will compose, create and publish a weekly posting schedule, to ensure your brand stays current in the online conversation.

We can link social media campaigns to product launches and events promotion, providing personalised responses to interactions and monthly reports to ensure you and your digital neighbours stay closely connected.

Website Design & Development

The look and feel of your online output is essential to brand identity and customer satisfaction. Darano Consulting helps to build the branding and functionality that makes your online presence. We handle web page building and implementation through a combination of WordPress template design and coding, tailored to the needs of clients and their customers. Options available include e-commerce, catalogues, hotels and villas websites with reservations systems, travel agents websites, apps and prototyping. To improve the sales capacity of these tools, we also offer online banner ad design, combined with bespoke email marketing templates, signature and HTML. Put together, this palette of creative web design adds colour and a distinctive personal signature to your online presence.