Central to business automation is the choice of software.
We provide companies with a range of options and explanations,
so they can choose the solution that’s right for their needs.

Options range from travel bookings technology and digital itineraries for travel agents;
to point of sales software for restaurants; hotel administration tools,
including audit software; and even farm management app.

These tech solutions can provide easy-to-use support for
essential business activities such as HR & payroll and accounting,
while also revolutionising processes for strategic planning and customer service.

To help integrate this software into your systems and processes,
Darano Consulting offers dedicated post-sales support where required,
including assistance in training and implementation.

travel technology

Travel Technology

Backed by years of industry experience, we advise travel agents in choosing software and systems that support their operations. Our team of expert trouble-shooters can support clients with training and implementation of new digital technology, as part of our unique post-sales support framework. With on-going system support, server hosting services, data entry and maintenance available, Darano is with you every step of the journey to full digitalisation.

Digital Itineraries

Boost your sales conversion rate by creating high-quality, visually impactful itineraries, tailored to your target demographic with cutting-edge content. Darano can help you produce content-rich, interactive itineraries that inspire travel and help your business stand out from the crowd. With a range of fully customised editing options available, we can help you create itineraries on the go, from your PC, Mac or mobile phone. Darano’s inventive travel itinerary production services let you reach out to new users, with content designed for easy and interactive usage on digital platforms and devices.

digital itineraries

Restaurant Purchasing & Inventory

Looking to simplify order management? Darano offers a range of tech innovations and procedural upgrades that can revolutionise your business structure. We implement software solutions such as Darano Purchasing; restaurant management systems that let you track your food costs, examine your entire purchasing history and stay on top of your inventory. This can be combined with pricing updates, new products and stock edits, supplier prices comparison. You can stay updated and in control, letting the business work for you.

Strategic Planning

If you have a large organization that’s in need of a more cohesive and inclusive working patterns, Darano has the solution. We can help you synergise your departments, projects and objectives, using collaborative teamwork applications such as #Stratapp. Featuring work boards, chat channels, progress metrics and multiple lines of reporting, these can help you reorder your operations and reorient towards a clearer set of targets. Darano provides a matrix of solutions in one seamless digital workspace.

Repeating Tasks

Build high-performing teams with transparency and trust. #Team app encourages teamwork with a unique user experience constructed around collaboration. Proven to increase productivity by around 15-30%, the app can facilitate a healthier, more harmonious work environment. Real-time data and tracking software lets you shine a light on where tasks and team members are performing (or underperforming), and where bottlenecks are occurring in your systems and process.

Customer Service Software

To automate your service without losing the personal touch, Darano Consulting solutions help you simplify your customer support. Through a combination of multiple inbound channels and flexible self-service sites, we provide systems and processes that can smooth the way and ensure your clients are fully satisfied. We can help you explore and implement digital infrastructure such as HelpSpace, which lets you create tasks right from a ticket so you know exactly what to do to resolve each issue. Your inbox can receive messages from up to five channels in our Pro plan, while other options and configurations of the service are also available.

Hotel Software

Darano can assist in choosing and implementing the property management system of your choice. Through supportive software such as Channel Manager, we implement intuitive operational strategies that cover everything from sales distribution to graphic design, website construction and maintenance services for hotels and villas.

Channel Management

Our arsenal of tech solutions lets you attract, acquire and amaze more guests than ever before. We optimize technology such as SiteMinder, which provides market insights from a network of 35,000 hoteliers worldwide. Innovative Channel Manager Software features a range of tools to help you organise everything from revenue and bookings to rate parity insights, website design, distribution and connectivity with a worldwide population of prospective guests.

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Audit Software

Help your team reopen strong with actionable, ready-made inspection templates. iAuditor lets you get safely back to business, by equipping your team with a simple safety inspection and observation app that’s quick to learn and easy to operate. Darano’s experience in paperless technology and sustainability solutions can help you improve your green credentials, while also making major improvements to the connectivity and efficiency of your business model.

HR & Payroll Software

Manage your workforce more effectively, from the moment employees sign in to completion of each and every payroll cycle. Darano provides reliable and intuitive software solutions to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your administrative department. Using technology such as GreatDayHR, we provide modern yet simple solutions for handling payroll and tax calculations, attendance records, leave requests and reimbursements. Enjoy the freedom and the convenience of managing your team whenever and wherever suits you, all just one click away.

Accounting Software

Darano helps businesses to automate everyday business tasks, meaning you can run, track and report on all financial developments at the push of a button, wherever you are. We provide integrated accounting software such as Xero – an online accounting system that lives in the cloud, letting you connect at leisure to process invoices and receive updates when they’re opened. The Xero mobile app works with iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Inventory items speed up invoicing while also tracking sales and purchases.

Farm Management App

Keep your farm records and data in one place, with our range of practical digital solutions. Using powerful and practical software such as Agrivi, Darano can upgrade your operations to improve efficiency, shorten admin time and ultimately increase your yield. Everything from tillage to planting, spraying, fertilisation, irrigation, harvesting, sales and distribution can be managed with just a few clicks. Get real-time insights into the progress of your crops and activities, Manage sales and expenses to ensure finances are as fertile as your field.