e marketing

Focus on e-marketing to push your sales

Some might not like emails but yet email marketing is one of the most used and successful tools. Two decades in the past we couldn’t dream of such efficient comfort, nowadays being downplayed by many without good reason.

When used by professionals, engagements hit many thousand subscribers in a single day. Your brand can get known and recognized in any place of the world, without boundaries. This is the time when you know that everything you doing is right for your business.

Do it yourself or leave it to professionals

When you have time, if you have any, you can always try doing it yourself. There are many tools and tutorials available on the internet. However, content material creation can be more challenging. When you are busy with your daily operations, it’s best to hire professional to do the job. If you are not willing to hire full staff, it’s best to try using third party services.

A friend of mine started a business from zero and was focusing on e-marketing, got his restaurant very famous in few months’ time. The idea is simple – sending an email is when you either want to inform people about something, or make an acquisition. Or you can combine both. Remember, you need to have a great content to attract people who read your email.

Drive traffic to your website

You normally want to include links to your website and drive traffic there. Don’t just wait for clients to go and visit your web, invite them. Many of people don’t even know about your business and will be happy receiving so needed information. Some people need reminders that your business exist, otherwise they go shop someplace else. This makes email marketing extremely useful tool. Social Media is important, but email marketing plays role of alarm and notifications.

Maintaining subscribers list is important. The higher content material you have, the more people will find it interesting and want to subscribe and continue receiving emails.

Among things to consider before you blast an email, make sure content is good. Check fonts and images, also your brand and logo. Very best emails are short and sweet. Although additional formatting might require extra time and effort, it will definitely worth it; and your open rates and conversion rates should prove this.

Don’t forget analytics

You can see who read your emails and who clicks links. Assess the success of a given campaign by looking at the statistics. Know where to improve by checking the open rates, click-through rates and conversion percentages. Don’t ignore call to action. Try to understand demographics and unique attributes, all these are important.

Be sure not to miss subject, as all your efforts can go down the drain if you do that. Remember the GDPR policies applied since few years ago. Consider the timing of your email – you can experiment with your audience and look at the analytics. We will be glad to explain everything in person, just send us your query anytime.